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The Wonder Years - Season 4

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59. Who's Aunt Rose?

59. Who's Aunt Rose?
Warner Bros. Television
Grandpa Arnold comes for a surprise visit in order to take the family to the funeral of Aunt Rose, a relative they never knew. While at the wake, Kevin and Wayne see their extended family, but are glad when they see Jack's rich cousin Lloyd (Arlen Dean Snyder) who gives them a $20 bill which they have to split. After they argue over changing the bill, it accidentally falls into Aunt Rose's open casket. By time they think up a plan to get it back, it's too late and they're on their way to the funeral. On the way, Kevin and Wayne are kicked out of the car by their grandpa after fighting in the back seat, making them walk 2 miles to the cemetery. But once there, they see why it was important to be respectful, even if they didn't know their aunt, she was still a part of the Arnold family. Guest starring as the Arnold clan, Helen Page Camp as Opel Arnold and John Brandon as Phillip Arnold. Also Danny Breen as Ray McKinsey and Earl Boen as the pastor, and Wesley Mann as Mr. Livey.

Writer:Jill Gordon
Director:Rob Thompson
Original air date:February 6, 1991

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