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Wunderbare-Jahre.com - German Fansite about The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years - Interview with Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper)

As the first "The Wonder Years"-fanpage we may now present you an exclusive interview with Danica McKellar who played Winnie Cooper in the series. We thank Danica very much for this great interview!

Q: How did you come to play the Winnie Cooper in "The Wonder Years"? How did you hear from the series and what was your first impression when you read the first script?

Danica McKellar:
I auditioned, like everyone else. They had read lots of girls but hadn't found their "Winnie" yet, and I was thrilled to be chosen. I didn't get to read the whole script until after I had gotten the job, and when I read it I was excited and nervous because I saw that I would be having my first kiss soon! (I was only 12 years old)

Winnie Cooper und Kevin Arnold

Q: Did anyone in the cast ever expect the huge success of "The Wonder Years"?

Danica McKellar:
We had no idea that it would be so popular, or that it would still be so popular now, so many years later. The show really seemed to touch people, and they remember it fondly.

Danica McKellar Q: When you played Winnie Cooper you were, I think, just 12 or 13 years old. How did you managed it, with school and all these things?

Managing schoolwork was the biggest challenge, and what I spent most of my time doing. I've always liked school, especially mathematics. I love math so much that after "The Wonder Years" ended, I got a college degree in mathematics from UCLA!

Q: Do you know where "The Wonder Years" were prduced. In which city in the USA.

Danica McKellar:
We shot the show in Los Angeles, CA.

Q: Many People say that the actor of Paul Pfeiffer is the artist "Marilyn Manson". Is this true?

Danica Mckellar:
No this is not true.

Q: Do you still meet Fred Savage or another actor of the series sometimes?

I'm closest with Dan Lauria, who played the father on the show. Dan and I often watch old movies together; he's like a second father to me.

Q: What are your plans for the future? Do you take part in a movie or series?

Danica McKellar:
I'm working in many television shows here in the US right now, and you can see the full list on my page at IMDB.com. My favorite recent job was doing a full year on a show called "The West Wing." You can read more about that on my West Wing page. (www.DanicaMcKellar.com)

Q: Thanks a lot for this interview

Danica McKellar:
Many happy wishes to all of you!

Danica McKellar


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