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In the series, Danica McKellar plays the character Winnie Cooper.

Winnie Cooper - (Danica McKellar) Danica Mae McKellar was born in La Jolla, California, USA on January 3, 1975. At the age of 10 she had her first appearence on "Twilight Zone". Three years later, she got the role for Winnie Cooper in "The Wonder Years" and became famous with it. After "The Wonder Years", there had been a few parts for her in several movies and series. In addition to her acting, she loved to dance with her sister Crystal in the dancing school their mother owned. In 1998 she achieved the Bachelor Of Science for mathematics at UCLA-University. Today she still lectures at UCLA. Back in 2005 she had a guest-appearance on "How I Met Your Mother".
(Here you can find out more about her appearance in "How I Met Your Mother") At the moment she plays a main part in a theatre at the west coast of the USA the play is called "Proof".

Part in "The Wonder Years"

In the series, Winnie Cooper plays Kevin's long-time girlfriend. Contrary to Kevin, she's a model student, receiving good marks all the time. Winnie and Kevin are friends since they were children, but there are problems in their relationship over and over again. Especially when Winnie grows up and just wants to hang out with the "cool" guys in school, which Kevin doesn't like at all. But both of them always accomplish to get along with each other again.

Interesting facts:

Danica has got a sister, named Crystal McKellar

Some years ago, she produced her first filmlet with the title "Speechless". Also starring is Dan Lauria (Jack Arnold in TWY)

In 2005 she did a photoshoot for the "Stuff"-magazine

Danica and Fred Savage are still friends today

Back in 2006, Danica was available for an exclusive interview with us. (Read the interview)


2006 - Hack!
2005 - How I Met Your Mother"
2005 - New York Cops - NYPD Blue
2005 - Criminal Investigative
2004 - King of the Hill
2003 - The West Wing
2001 - Lady Cops - Knallhart weiblich
1994 - Walker, Texas Ranger
1989 till 1993 - The Wonder Years
1985 - The Twilight Zone

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Winnie Cooper - (Danica McKellar) Winnie Cooper - (Danica McKellar) Winnie Cooper - (Danica McKellar) Winnie Cooper - (Danica McKellar) Winnie Cooper - (Danica McKellar) Winnie Cooper - (Danica McKellar)
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Official Website: www.DanicaMckellar.com
Follow Danica on Twitter: www.twitter.com/danicamckellar
Danica's facebook site: www.facebook.com/danicamckellar

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