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Wunderbare-Jahre.com - German Fansite about The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years - Characters

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In "The Wonder Years", Jason Hervey plays the part of Wayne Arnold, Kevin's brother.

Wayne Arnold - (Jason Hervey)


• Born: In Los Angeles, USA on April 6, 1972

• At the age of 7, he already stood in front of the camera

• In 1985 he played a small part in the movie "Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment"

• In the same year he also played in "Back To The Future" (Picture)

• He played in several movies

• At the age of 16 he gained the role for Wayne Arnold in "The Wonder Years"

• He's a passionate ice-hockey player

• Back in 2000, both of his children were born – they're twins

• Today he's the second senior president of "Media and Communications" in Alabama, USA

Interesting facts:

• During an interview, Hervey revealed that once in a café he was hit in the face by a "The Wonder Years"-fan, because he had an annoying brother and therefore he hated the figure Wayne Arnold

• After "The Wonder Years" ended, Fred Savage and Jason Hervey didn't see each other for 10 years. After meeting again, together they synchronized a movie. This time, Jason played the young and weak brother while Fred was the big, annoying one. So this was kind inverting "The Wonder Years".

• Jason had a brother like Wayne had been in the series. Some of the conflicts between Kevin and Wayne are based on real incidents between Jason and his brother.


Wayne Arnold - (Jason Hervey) Wayne Arnold - (Jason Hervey) Wayne Arnold - (Jason Hervey) Wayne Arnold - (Jason Hervey) Wayne Arnold - (Jason Hervey) Wayne Arnold - (Jason Hervey)
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Filmographie: www.imdb.com

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