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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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98. Politics as Usual

98. Politics as Usual
Warner Bros. Television
When Kevin's high school holds a political debate for the McGovern/Nixon presidential race, his peers don't seem to be interested until Mike Detweiller a charismatic speaker, (Lance Guest) heading McGovern's campaign gets everyone's attention on his anti-political view. Winnie jumps on board the McGovern campaign committee and starts devoting all her free time to help elect Senator George McGovern. But Kevin's not buying it, and joins the committee to keep an eye on her, since he's convinced that Mike has a romantic interest in Winnie. His uneasy thoughts has brought him to break in to campaign headquarters to catch them in the act, but it turns out it was a secret meeting with Senator McGovern himself, and he gets to meet him in person. Feeling guilty the next day and seeing the polls up, Kevin returns to congratulate the win, but it was premature, Nixon had won nearly every state's votes. He finds Winnie upset and Mike walking out with his assistant Peggy Kimball (Renee Faia). He wasn't interested in Winnie after all, just wanting to use her and all the young people who couldn't vote yet as his political pawns to win the race. After all, he tells Winnie, "It's just politics!" and knew the senator never had a chance to win.

Writer:Craig Hoffman
Director:Bryan Gordon
Original air date:October 21, 1992

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