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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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97. Sex and Economics

97. Sex and Economics
Warner Bros. Television
Despite having an after school job, Kevin's financial problems are taking a toll on his life. When his young and beautiful history teacher, Miss Farmer (Rebecca Staab) posts an ad on the school bulletin for a painting job, he thinks this is the answer to his money trouble. Thinking its going to easy, she informs him that he needs to paint the whole exterior of the house. However, he accepts on account of her charm and her offer to pay him $500. But Kevin has to find a crew to help him tackle this time consuming job, so he figures the trio of blue-collar guys of Jimmy Donnelly, Joey Spinoza, and Eddie Horvath (Jeremy Davies) the right fit for the job. Too bad they demand more money than he expected to pay them and with the cost of paint and supplies being expensive, Kevin ends up not having much money for himself and tries to break even when they run out of paint. The hired help then takes more advantage of him by taking to many breaks, procrastinating with work, and winds up as peeping Tom's watching their teacher. When Kevin confronts them, they quit, leaving him to get the job done at a huge financial loss. Then he learns that Miss Farmer sold the house to Mr. Kaplan (Jack McGee) a buyer, who she took advantage of with her looks, getting way over her asking price. In the end, Kevin learns his lesson never to take advantage of a pretty lady and find out Mr. Kaplan put up aluminum siding the next spring. Guest starring: William Bronder as Mr. Glidden (paint store clerk), and Michael Weiner as Dominick.

Writer:John Bunzel
Director:Ken Topolsky
Original air date:October 14, 1992

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