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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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96. Scenes from a Wedding

96. Scenes from a Wedding
Warner Bros. Television
When Candy (Aimee Graham), the daughter of Jack's boss, Arthur Jensen (Paul Gleason) is getting married, the whole family gets invited to the wedding. They are prepared for an unfulfilled evening. After the reception, Kevin tries to impress a girl he just met, Linda Sloan (Sara Melson) when he says he can get champagne, and she asks met at the gazebo. But he can't get away from her Aunt Muriel (Bette Ford). Jack is infuriated with Arthur who has been flirting and dancing with Norma the whole night. And Wayne tries to dance with Candy, but since they dated, she acts like she doesn't know him. In the end, Kevin is stood up by Linda and manages to get drunk on the bubbly. Seeing her with another guy, he accidentally throws up on her and leaves the scene. Jack, finally has enough of Arthur's inappropriate antics, especially when he puts his arm around Norma. This causes Jack to react by telling his boss to get his arm off his wife or he'll break it off and finally gets to dance with Norma. Wayne confides in Kevin, telling him that even though the groom "waited" after he got married, the bride certainly didn't, because it only took one date with Wayne at a wedding to lose her virginity. Guest starring: Tom Wood as Peter Rotelli, the groom.

Writer:Michael Curtis
Director:Michael Dinner
Original air date:October 7, 1992

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