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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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95. Fishing

95. Fishing
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin and Wayne are dragged by their father to Berlinger Falls, a secluded fishing hole for their semi-annual fishing weekend trip for some male bonding. However, after the woman at the bait shop (Melanie MacQueen) tells them that nobody goes up there anymore because they closed the road, Jack's once beloved secret spot is now overgrown and not how he remembered it. Plus Kevin is angry that Jack and Wayne still treat him like he's still a little kid, refusing him beer and ignoring him. In retaliation, Kevin tells his father that his dream of building a cabin in the area is never going to happen, making Jack realize its probably true. Things go from bad to worse when Wayne and Kevin start fighting and bump into Jack who knocks over a lantern, causing their tent to go up in flames. But in the end, after things settled down, they figured out why they came here in the first place--they'd come to say goodbye to all the memories they shared in this place of the past.

Writer:Phil Doran
Director:Greg Beeman
Original air date:September 30, 1992

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Jerry L. says:
This episode is so funny. I love the part when the tent catches on fire :)
March 17, 2013 at 6:19 PMFlag as spam

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