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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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94. Homecoming

94. Homecoming
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin, now in 11th grade, with Winnie his girlfriend, and Paul class president, is becoming a wise guy in class like his new friend, Jeff Billings (Giovanni Ribisi), the first kid he ever knew whose parents were divorced. Also Kevin becomes the delivery guy at Mr. Chong's, and has to advertise the business on his car, making Winnie embarrassed to ride with him, especially up at Mountain View Drive--"The Point". Wayne became a working man too with his job in the mailroom at NORCOM, he now lives in the family's basement. After the school's rival Central High School's steals his school's knight mascot, Kevin tries to make a name for himself when he steals their owl mascot for homecoming, only to set it free in the end. Meanwhile, Wayne's old buddy, David "Wart" Wirtshafter, the silly kid everyone knew, returns home from a tour in Vietnam a changed man. But he doesn't receive a hero's welcome at the big game when anonymous shouts of "murderer" are directed towards him. They find Wart sitting alone on a baseball field bench with his clothes lying on the ground in a neat pile. He says nothing seems to fit anymore, but he wasn't talking about the size of his clothes, so Wayne offers the shirt off his own back. Guest starring Don Perry as Mr. Deeks, Kevin's history teacher.

Writer:Bob Brush
Director:Michael Dinner
Original air date:September 23, 1992

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