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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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92. Back to the Lake

92. Back to the Lake
Warner Bros. Television
As summer starts, Kevin is frustrated to be missing out on a relaxing summer since his parents are making him get a summer job. Wayne gets a job on the loading dock at NORCOM, Jack's company, Winnie's working at a diner, Paul is an assistant manager at a Chinese restaurant, and Kevin takes a remedial position there, but he's still unhappy about working over the summer. He looks back on all the fun that he had with his friends from past summers and wants to get away for this one. On the way to work with Paul, Kevin spontaneously decides to go back to the lake and visit Cara, his summer love from last year. But Cara isn't thrilled to see him and wonders why he's there since she got the impression he wasn't interested in her anymore because he never sent her a responding Christmas card. She tells Kevin when he tries to kiss her that she has a boyfriend, making him think of Winnie who he had left behind. Kevin wonders why he ever ran off in a fit of "summer madness" in the first place, using Cara when he has Winnie. Guest starring Michael Paul Chan as the Chinese chef Mr. Chong.

Writer:Mark Levin
Director:Michael Dinner
Original air date:May 6, 1992

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