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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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91. The Wedding

91. The Wedding
Warner Bros. Television
With their wedding day approaching, Karen and Michael decide against a traditional church ceremony at a chapel with a minister and their families. Instead they plan a hippie wedding with an Indian Maharishi (Gerry Bednob) and all their friends in the backyard. However, Kevin, in all this happiness sees a potential mood-breaker at their wedding party when Michael tells him he got a job in Alaska and they are planning to move there right after the ceremony. But Karen has yet to tell her parents and during the party when Jack makes a touching speech, her friend Earth Mother (Tara Ellison) bakes a cake that says "Alaska or Bust" on it, making Jack and Norma dislike the sudden surprise. Karen then tells her parents her and Michael have a life and they have to let them go and live it as adults. They agree with that but where ever Karen is, they will never let her go. During the wedding, Jack and Norma let their first-born daughter out into the world, feeling sorrow and joy. Guest starring Jon Frear as Brett, Frank Lloyd as Rainbow, Karen Massey as Wind.

Writer:Mark B. Perry
Director:Peter Baldwin
Original air date:April 29, 1992

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