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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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89. The Lost Weekend

89. The Lost Weekend
Warner Bros. Television
When Kevin's parents go away for the weekend, he invites the guys over to play poker, but their poker night gets boring, and they decide to invite some girls over. However, when Chuck invites a girl he likes, she brings along her sister and Ricky invites Alice, who brings her friends with her, who tell their friends to come, creating a domino effect by turning Kevin's house into a wild party. Kevin and Chuck make a food and drink run to a liquor store but being underage, the clerk (Michael G. Hagerty) won't sell them any beer and doesn't fall for Chuck's fake ID. They come up empty handed until a burnout (Andrew Shue) with a beer keg in his car tells them he's going to Kevin's party. When they get back, the party's out-of-control and the house is totally trashed. Kevin stays up the rest of the night to clean but its no use because his parents come home early. Seeing the mess, they automatically blame Wayne who they suspect is responsible for the party. Wayne, being used to it and seeing a little of his self in his little brother, takes the blame for Kevin, who is eternally grateful and washes and waxes his big brother's car in return. Guest starring Eric Bruskotter as Football Player and Jeremy Davies as Guy.

Writer:Rob Cohen
Director:Arthur Albert
Original air date:April 8, 1992

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