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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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88. Carnal Knowledge

88. Carnal Knowledge
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin and his friends plan to sneak in to see an R-rated movie called "Carnal Knowledge" with seductress Ann Margaret, the first film with erotic scenes. Paul reveals that he will be having dinner with his mother's old college roommate and her college-age daughter Beth (Kawena Charlot) that night and won't make it. After Kevin and his friends get kicked out of the theater, Paul tells Kevin that he had his first sexual encounter with Beth and expected he'd perform better, leaving him confused at what happened. At first Kevin is upset Paul doesn't disclose any details, then he gets upset it didn't happen to him, and feels Paul doesn't need him anymore. However, when Paul confesses he can't cope with a casual relationship, Kevin helps his best friend and takes him to the airport to say a final goodbye to Beth, who is flying back home. Even though Paul never sees her again, he still has memories of her and of Kevin, his best friend who'll do anything for him.

Writer:David Greenwalt
Director:Nancy Cooperstein
Original air date:March 25, 1992

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