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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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87. Lunch Stories

87. Lunch Stories
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin recalls a significant memory of several different stories he and his friends experience--a academic crises, love troubles, and setbacks--during the course of one lunch period at McKinley High. Wayne tries to win a bet by finding the true identity of a kid known only as "Maniac" (Richard Stay) by having to split 20 bucks with him. Despite Wayne getting Maniac's real name--Florence--he can't tell anyone since Mainac threatened he will kill him if he does. Meanwhile, Chuck is trying to get enough courage to ask band geek Shelia McCaffry out on a date, but when he does, his constant twitching turns her off. Ricky has to complete a thousand word paper on the A Day in the Life of a Citizen in Ancient Rome, and Paul gets sloppy Joe sauce on his white pants right before a big debate. Kevin is asked by Winnie to donate blood for the school blood dive, and is also duped into ditching school to see an x-rated film Devil in Miss Jones with three of the class troublemakers, Jimmy Donnelly, (Seth Green), Joey Spinoza (Demian Slade), and Neal Pemish (Eric Foster), but they are caught by Dr. Valenti and blame Kevin as the reason they were following him out of school. Good thing Winnie saves the day when she helps them by saying they were going to see her to donate blood.

Writer:Sy Dukane & Denise Moss
Director:Ken Topolsky
Original air date:March 18, 1992

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