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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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85. Double Double Date

85. Double Double Date
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin has a crush on the new Swedish exchange student Inga Finnstrom (Shevonne Durkin), and asks Winnie to help set him up on a date with her. In return, Winnie asks Kevin to introduce her Matt Stevens (Jason Renfro), the new guy in his history class. Things get awkward when Matt suggests they all go on a double date to the spring formal. At the dance, its the battle of the ex's when Kevin and Winnie are forced to accompany each other's dim-witted dates. Matt asks Inga for a dance leaving Kevin and Winnie alone on the dance floor. However, while slow dancing, something strange happens and they are brought close together once again. They ditch their dates to "talk" and go to the point to park, but as they get even closer to each other, both find it hard to make the move and wind up kissing one another on the eye. Both feel that they need to think about being together and just hold to what they had in the past--there are things they still need to find until they find each other.

Writer:Mark B. Perry & Sy Rosen
Director:Peter Baldwin
Original air date:February 26, 1992

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Russell Cinque, Jr. says:
This is my most favorite of all the Wonder Years episodes. I hope someday this classic TV show will be available on DVD.
November 21, 2013 at 2:16 AMFlag as spam

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