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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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84. Of Mastodons and Men

84. Of Mastodons and Men
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin is caught between going steady with a girl he's been dating, Julie Aidem (Wendy Cox) and hanging out with the guys. They soon get on his case when he starts spending most of his time with her and her family instead of playing football with them. Although Kevin admires Julie's cool dad Ben (Lyman Ward), he sees her mother June (Sandy Faison) has him on a short leash--only allowing him to drive his sport car on the weekend and telling him to fix his collar--he soon realizes Julie is doing the same with him. Now Kevin feels smothered--she wants him to wear stripe shirts with the collar up, walk her little dog Pooh-Pooh, and has to go over her house after school. Finally Kevin ditches Julie to play football with the guys, but she shows up at his house to give him a gift for their three week anniversary then wants to go steady. Plus he has to make the announcement in front of her family during dinner. But Kevin can't bring himself to do it after Ben tells him a story of his old black lab Duke that ran away when he proposed to June. This subtle message becomes clear when Kevin goes through the same controlling trait from Julie at the dinner table. He then breaks it off with Julie in front of her mother, her two younger sisters, and Ben, who seems empowered by Kevin's actions, so much so, he even takes the car out on a weekday.

Writer:Mark Levin
Director:Thomas Schlamme
Original air date:February 12, 1992

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Andrew Colin Wilson says:
Near the end of this episode, I think Kevin did the right thing. Julie wasn't right for him. He was going steady with the wrong girl. She was gonna ruin his whole life. She was trying to make something out of Kevin that he isn't.
October 29, 2017 at 10:42 PMFlag as spam

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