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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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79. Pfeiffer's Choice

79. Pfeiffer's Choice
Warner Bros. Television
Tension arises between the Arnold and the Pfeiffer families after Paul's father makes a lot of money from a real estate speculation by investing in beach front property. Even though the Arnolds seem happy about the Pfeiffers' good fortunes, Jack is upset by Alvin's spare-of-the-moment spending. Instead of buying new, Jack is a "spare parts-man", and after a quick trip to Jean's Mower Shop, he is discouraged when he finds Alvin buying an expensive John Deer tractor mower. Alvin buys a new color television, the puts in an in-ground pool, and joins a country club. This puts Kevin and Paul's friendship on the rocks, making him wonder why money had become between their families. Kevin's thoughts are answered when he learns from Alvin that his father could have gone in on the investment deal, but backed out of the last minute. The family is invited by the Pfeiffers to the county club and after a good will toast, Alvin tells everyone that he lost everything--his oceanfront property got washed away and was now underwater. Kevin can't leave things the why they ended up with Paul, so he takes a walk to his house and they patch thing up. Plus Paul is leaving his prep school and coming to McKinley High with Kevin. Guest Starring Mark Boone Junior as Repairman Jean.

Writer:Mark B. Perry
Director:Ken Topolsky
Original air date:December 18, 1991

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