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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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77. Dinner Out

77. Dinner Out
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin decides to treat his family out to dinner on his father's 43rd birthday. Meanwhile Norma decides to try to reconcile Jack's relationship with Karen by having the family meet her at the Briarcliff Lodge, a restaurant of his choosing. However, dinner doesn't go as planned, when first, the Maitre D' (Eric Poppick) sits them at a tiny table, then Jack continues to belittle Karen's live-in boyfriend Michael, making them leave abruptly. But Jack and Karen feel badly of their past transgressions, and make up in the end. This makes Kevin realize that what his father needed for his birthday wasn't gifts, but his daughter back in his good graces.

Writer:Gina Goldman
Director:Bryan Gordon
Original air date:December 4, 1991

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Carl Emerson says:
This season saw the family in 1971. According to the birth certificate Jack was born on Nov 6 1927 so it would've been his 44th birthday, not his 43rd.
June 26, 2017 at 3:26 AMFlag as spam

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