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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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74. Full Moon Rising

74. Full Moon Rising
Warner Bros. Television
When Kevin has a date with Cindy (Heather McComb), a girl in his biology class, his friends, Randy and Purdle make fun of him for having his mom drive him and his date around. They to turn Ricky Halsenbach (Scott Nemes), the first kid in their class to turn 16 and get his driver's license--he's their ticket to ride. Kevin breaks his date by lying to Cindy about a grandmother's with a failing liver to go cruising with his friends on a Friday night. But their glorious night turns into a catastrophe when they run into the "Moon Patrol", a group of guys in a Mustang who goes around mooning people. Ricky is challenged by them to a drag race, but can't grasp the concept of going fast and stops at a four-way stop sign. Then Kevin runs into a mad Cindy at Zesty's Drive-in, and to top it all off, Purdle moons Kevin's parents at a traffic light, causing Kevin to flip out at his friends. As they decide to go home, the car runs out of gas, but in the end, the guys realize their night out was an adventure in driving and agree to do it again when Ricky gets the car next Friday.

Writer:Mark B. Perry
Director:Ken Topolsky
Original air date:October 30, 1991

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