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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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73. Frank and Denise

73. Frank and Denise
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin officially meets Frank Stanavukovic (Noah Blake) and Denise Lavel (Amy Hathaway), better known as Frank "The Stank" and Denise "The Grease", a couple whose love soared above all others at his high school. However, their long time romance is on the rocks, and Kevin finds himself in the middle, especially when he starts helping Denise understand the Jonathan Swift poem "Cadenus and Vanessa" in poetry class. Frank becomes jealous, but soon finds out its not Kevin's fault--its his, and he starts to open up to Denise. At Fatso's drive thru, Kevin suggests Frank recite poetry to talk to her, but when that doesn't work he instead sings a verse from his favorite song, Tim Hardin's "If I Were A Carpenter", which works to get their love back in the end. Guest starring Parker Jacobs as Kevin's friend Purdle the Turtle, and Roy Brocksmith as Kevin's poetry teacher Weird Mr. Lemkur.

Writer:David Greenwalt
Director:David Greenwalt
Original air date:October 23, 1991

488 votes


Eric says:
My favorite episode of the series! Love the characters, the music. Makes me wish I was born in the era.
February 21, 2017 at 9:38 AMFlag as spam

Restless says:
This gets 5 stars in my book. One of my top 5 favorite episodes. The Frank and Denise characters are excellent, especially Denise. Amy Hathaway's portrayal of her is great. They remind me so much of people I knew in high school. This has some of my favorite lines from the series.
July 09, 2013 at 11:55 PMFlag as spam

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