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The Wonder Years - Season 5

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71. Day One

71. Day One
Warner Bros. Television
It's Kevin's first day of 10th grade at McKinley High School. Distraught to be without his best friend Paul, and feeling totally alone, it doesn't go as planned. First Kevin is interrupted by an old grade school classmate, Stuart Cartesian (Adam Sneller) in front of a pretty girl when he tells an embarrassing story of Kevin, causing the girl to walk away. Then Wayne and Wart give him "the bwoosh"--a "royal flush" down a toilet because he accidentally stepped on the school seal only seniors can walk on. At lunch, he finds Winnie sitting by herself and tries to keep her company but is beat out by the some of the guys on the football team. Kevin's U.S. Government teacher Mr. (Arlo) Bottner (Scott Jaeck) has a vendetta against him when he disobeys "Bottner's Rules" in class. This causes Kevin to stand up for his student rights when he rips out a page from his spiral notebook--a sound Bottner despises. To Kevin's surprise all his fellow classmates are behind him when they do the same--maybe he's not so alone after all.

Writer:Sy Dukane & Denise Moss
Director:Daniel Stern
Original air date:October 9, 1991

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