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The Wonder Years - Season 4

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68. Graduation

68. Graduation
Warner Bros. Television
As his junior high school graduation approaches, Kevin learns from Winnie that Paul will be attending a prep school in the fall. Angry because his best friend is leaving him, Kevin confronts Paul, makes fun of him, then punches him in science class, making Mr. Cantwell to spill his chemicals causing them to explode. Later, the pregnant Mrs. Heimer sees Kevin is troubled and offers him a ride to talk about it, but their conversation gets interrupted when she goes into labor, leaving him to drive her to the hospital without a license. However, Kevin makes it back in time for his graduation, gets his diploma, and is taken back by Paul's speech about remembering their time at RFK Junior High, never forgetting the friends that they've made there, and they're class of 1971. Kevin patches things up with Paul, Winnie gets her cast off, and the three look forward to getting their driver's licenses next year.

Writer:Bob Brush
Director:Michael Dinner
Original air date:May 8, 1991

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Rex Medlycott says:
The scene when Kevin gazes at small children in a playground through a fence-I saw this episode in Australia with another song-not' I think its going to rain today'... anyone know the song or performer?
October 09, 2017 at 5:06 PMFlag as spam

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