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The Wonder Years - Season 4

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65. The Yearbook

65. The Yearbook
Warner Bros. Television
After covering for them in history class while caught passing a note, the most popular students in school, Brad Patterson (Chad Allen) and Marci Donovan (Sandy Alexander) recruit Kevin to help with writing quotes in the yearbook. But they later set him up to put a derogatory quote about an unpopular overweight classmate, Peter Armbruster (Michael Ray Bower) known as "Pig". Although, Kevin provided two quotes about him, he gets to know Peter as a real person with feelings and now feels guilty for saying such things about him. Kevin then asks Brad and Marci to change his quotes, but its too late and the final draft is already on Mr. Diperna's desk. Kevin gets called in to Diperna's office and finds out he has to take the blame about writing the quotes. When Kevin confronts them for selling him out, he realizes Brad and Marci are untouchable and there's more to life then being popular and having a perfect image. Guest starring as the yearbook committee: Jonathan Brandis as Steve, Ami foster as Susan, and Sonney Kelly as Julius.

Writer:David Chambers
Director:Neal Israel
Original air date:April 10, 1991

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Jayski says:
The girl that played marci Donovan was a total smoke show
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