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The Wonder Years - Season 4

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64. Separate Rooms

64. Separate Rooms
Warner Bros. Television
Karen comes home from college for a mid-semester break and tells the family that she won't be back for summer because she got a job on campus. Kevin and Wayne convince their parents to allow them to each have their own room, only to fight over who moves into Karen's room. Things turn ugly when they can't decide and it causes Wayne to rather sleep in his car then spend one more night with Kevin. After 14 years of abuse from his older brother, Kevin gets even when he kicks the bumper off Wayne's car, accidentally causing his car to roll down the block with Wayne still inside. After the incident, they each admit wanting the room, but in the end, Jack had to flip a coin and Wayne had to move.

Writer:Bob Brush & Jill Gordon
Director:Michael Dinner
Original air date:April 3, 1991

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Megan says:
I liked this episode. It was funny when Wayne got mad and he decides to go sleep in his car and Kevin kicks the car and Wayne rolls down the street still in his sleeping bag and he can't unlock the door cause he's stuck. I laugh at that part.
January 22, 2016 at 10:32 PMFlag as spam

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