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The Wonder Years - Season 4

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58. Denial

58. Denial
Warner Bros. Television
Days after the break-up, Kevin is still in denial over Winnie and cannot accept the fact she is with someone else even when he is introduced to her new boyfriend, Roger Dikovian (Art Hoffman). He plans to throw a party to get Winnie back but thinking it would be too obvious, he asks Paul to have the party at his house instead, however, Paul invites Winnie and Roger. When Madeline puts suggestions in Kevin's head about being alone at the party, he asks her if she wants to go with him. While at the party, Kevin tires to make Winnie Jealous with Madeline, but it doesn't work and he winds up hurting Winnie's feelings when he lies to her by saying their relationship didn't mean that much to him. But he defends her honor by telling Madeline to "get lost!" after she says she "never saw what the big deal about Winnie Cooper was anyway". With his heart broken, Kevin ends up at Winnie's house to apologize and say they can still be friends.

Writer:David Chambers & Mark Levin
Director:Richard Masur
Original air date:January 30, 1991

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Restless says:
This has my favorite scene from the entire series - with Kevin and his dad in the garage. It perfectly captures the heartache of an adolescent breakup. Haven't we all been there?
July 10, 2013 at 12:03 AMFlag as spam

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