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The Wonder Years - Season 4

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57. Heartbreak

57. Heartbreak
Warner Bros. Television
When Kevin's school conducts a joint field trip with Lincoln Jr. High to the Natural History Museum, Kevin wonders why Winnie isn't as excited as he is, especially when he sneaks her onto his bus. They soon find themselves growing apart when all Winnie wants to do is hang out with her friends the whole trip. Meanwhile, Paul, Randy, and Doug try to find a the museum's rumored fourth floor with gangster John Dillinger's remains in a jar of formaldehyde. While Kevin is separated from Winnie, Madeline tries to make her move on him when they are alone, but Winnie returns, spoiling her plans. Thinking Winnie is going to break-up with him, Kevin tries to explain nothing happened. However Winnie confesses she's met someone, leaving Kevin alone on the bus ride back with an empty seat and the ring he gave her next to him. Guest starring as Winnie's friends: Art Hoffman as Roger, Aaron Loher as Sean, Robin Lynn Heath as Tina, and Keire Montell as Marsha.

Writer:David Chambers
Director:Andy Tennant
Original air date:January 23, 1991

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Tony says:
Perhaps the most poignant moment of the series is the end of this episode. The buses to their respective schools travel along the same road, then split at a fork in the road, emphasizing the new distance between Kevin and Winnie. The background music is "God Only Knows," one of the greatest Beach Boys songs ever. An incredibly powerful moment.
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