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The Wonder Years - Season 4

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50. The Cost of Living

50. The Cost of Living
Warner Bros. Television
After Paul complains about his $5 allowance, Kevin asks for a raise in his, but Jack says he has to earn the value of a dollar by doing chores around the house, earning only 50 cents more. Mark Kovinski (Justin Whalin), the "Howard Hughes" of RFK school, says he has two choices; be like his dad or be his own man, by caddying at the Whispering Green golf course. Kevin signs up for a golf caddy job in hopes of getting a $20 tip. There's three problems: the tip was earned by carrying a big bag, it belongs to his father's boss Ken Stein (Alan Fudge), and Jack is playing with him. Ken is winning until he insults Jack for having cheap and old golf clubs, making Jack play better. He almost wins the game but deliberately misses an easy putt because he doesn't like how his boss made Kevin fetch his club after throwing it in the lake. Kevin is thankful and treats him to lunch, realizing its not so bad ending up like his father after all.

Writer:Mark Levin
Director:Nick Marck
Original air date:October 10, 1990

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