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The Wonder Years - Season 4

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48. Ninth Grade Man

48. Ninth Grade Man
Warner Bros. Television
As Kevin enters 9th grade, he has to make adjustments throughout his first day back. He has to deal without Winnie being there, his terrible class schedule, the return of bully Tony Barbella who takes his locker, a beautiful new girl, Madeline Adams (Julie Condra) who's quite the temptress when she kisses him, and worst of all...Becky Slater's wrath. She blames Kevin over Craig Hobson breaking up with her before he went to military school. Kevin tries to get help from the school guidance counselor but she's away and Coach Cutlip is her replacement--his solution--run laps! Guest Starring: Charles Tyner as Kevin's elderly industrial arts teacher, Blake Soper as 'shop kid', Julie Payne as Kevin's French teacher Mrs. Falcinella, and Josh Berman as Harold.

Writer:Jill Gordon
Director:Daniel Stern
Original air date:September 26, 1990

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Bart says:
Hi, Does anyone knows the title of the song on the end of the episode? It's not The Ronettes. Cheers
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