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The Wonder Years - Season 3

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46. Moving

46. Moving
Warner Bros. Television
When Jack finds dry rot in the basement, he talks about selling the house, sending Kevin in a panic. He tells Winnie and Paul that he's moving, but is surprised they take it well and are ready to have a long distance relationship. In the end, Jack realizes that he'll just get the basement fixed, but accidentally slips that the Coopers are moving 4 miles away across town. Kevin is now in despair over this and wonders why Winnie didn't tell him, especially that she's going to a different school at Lincoln Jr. High next year. Thinking she'll stay if he buys Winnie a ring, Kevin gives it to her but she can't accept it and breaks up with him instead, making Kevin throw it in the trash. On moving day, Kevin decides to say goodbye to Winnie and finds her alone in the moving truck with his ring in her hand and they have a long hug. Then Kevin's off to Karen's high school graduation and the family celebrates with Wayne at his new job as a waiter. Now Kevin has to travel way beyond his front door and out of his neighborhood to see Winnie; his world just got a little bigger.

Writer:Bob Brush & Jill Gordon
Director:Michael Dinner
Original air date:May 15, 1990

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