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The Wonder Years - Season 3

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43. Good-bye

43. Good-bye
Warner Bros. Television
When Kevin asks his beloved algebra teacher Mr. Collins how he is doing overall in math, he doesn't get the response he needed to hear back. Instead, Mr. Collins gives Kevin private tutoring to raise his grades of C's on quizzes into A's on tests. However, Mr. Collins decides that he can no longer spend the extra time with Kevin just prior to the mid-term exam. He's also taking the rest of the week off but would be back for the exam on Friday, leaving Kevin to fend for himself. Kevin thought Mr. Collins was helping him because he believed in him and was his friend, but he stated he was simply his teacher. On the day of the exam, Kevin decides to get a "respectable F" and botch the answers on purpose. That weekend Kevin is informed by Mr. Diperna (Raye Birk) that Mr. Collins passed away from heart failure. It seemed the teacher knew his end was near and gave Kevin another chance at the exam when he "misplaced" his test; looks like Arthur Collins believed in Kevin Arnold after all.

Writer:Bob Brush
Director:Michael Dinner
Original air date:April 24, 1990

336 votes


Restless says:
My favorite. This episode won 2 Emmy awards - for directing and for writing. It hits all the right notes. It reminds me of a college mentor who always pushed me to do my best. Like the teacher in this episode, my mentor never gave a lot of verbal praise for a job well done. He just expected it of you, and you worked hard to earn his respect.
July 09, 2013 at 11:49 PMFlag as spam

Jerry L. says:
This episode reminds me of a teacher I had in high school who really made a difference in my life. He pushed me in a very good way and really cared about me. This episode was very well written and struck me at my core. I love how even in death th teacher had faith in Kevin and Kevin made him proud by aceing the Math test. The closing scene where the teacher's spirit is saying goodby is very touching.
March 17, 2013 at 6:28 PMFlag as spam

Juan Angel says:
This is one of the most well written episodies of a TV Series. Everybody has a teacher that had make a difference in our lives. We want this sieries on DVD or BRay Thanks
July 19, 2011 at 11:19 PMFlag as spam

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