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The Wonder Years - Season 3

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34. Don't You Know Anything About Women?

34. Don't You Know Anything About Women?
Warner Bros. Television
Both being dateless, Kevin's lab partner Linda Sloan (Maia Brewton) suggests that she and Kevin go to the school dance "as friends". But after he agrees, his crush Susan Fisher (Kelly Packard) asks him to save a dance for her and Kevin is now torn between two dates for the dance. At the dance, Kevin lets Linda dance with Steve Padway (Andy Howard), a boy who likes her while Kevin gets to dance with Susan, but has nothing to say to her afterward and she gets back with her boyfriend Donald Wallach (Sean Wohland). Kevin paid so much attention to Susan that he hurt Linda's feelings and is left standing by himself at the punch bowl. After a short break-up, Paul and Carla get back together, making Kevin feel left out. Now alone, Kevin searches for the right one--Winnie, but they just miss each other and he leaves the dance.

Writer:Tammy Ader
Director:Jeffrey D. Brown
Original air date:January 16, 1990

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