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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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115. Independence Day (Part 2)

115. Independence Day (Part 2)
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin is furious with Winnie and plays another poker game. This time he loses all his money and his car. He then punches the guy Winnie kissed and quits the job (that he was about to be fired from anyway). Winnie, meanwhile, is fired because of this as well. Winnie hitches a ride back home. Kevin also hitches a ride and happens to be picked up by the same couple that picked up Winnie moments earlier. Winnie then tells Kevin her side of what happened. They get into an argument and are both dropped off at the side of the road in hot humid weather. Soon after a thunderstorm occurs and lasts till dark. The two find refuge in an old barn where they talk things out. The next day they get back home, just in time for the Independence Day parade in their town. Kevin reveals the fates of himself, his family, and his friends.

Writer:Michael Dinner
Director:Bob Brush
Original air date:May 12, 1993

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Jerry L. says:
I can so relate to this episode...when I was young I had a girlfriend who went off to college. I arrived on camput to visit her and got the same treatment/rude awakening Kevin got. I did not feel welcome at all, was totally out of place and realized she was cheating on me. I pictred us getting married some day but things don't always turn out as you plan.
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