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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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113. Reunion

113. Reunion
Warner Bros. Television
The Arnold clan flies to Norma's hometown for her 25th high school reunion. Norma's parents, Karl (Macon McCalman) and Jane Gustavson (Jean Speegle Howard) (making their first and only appearance in the series) express their continued disapproval of Jack. They attempt to set Norma up with her old high school sweetheart, Roger Baldwin (Edward Edwards), a medical doctor, who almost ended up together. While staying at the Gustavsons' house, Kevin is chased around the block by their big mean dog, Princess, Wayne learns that his grandparents will leave he and Kevin everything when they die and starts taking inventory, Norma is being wooed back by Roger, and Jack hurt his back when he lost to the good doc in the sack race at the reunion picnic. This makes Kevin wonder why his father doesn't seem to mind that Norma gets to spend the night at the reunion dance with her former flame. But his questions are answered when Jack tells him his mother hated it here too and when she met Jack, she wanted more out of life then this small town had to offer, so she left everyone behind. Norma returns, and even though her and Roger were made king and queen of the dance, she reassures her real true love Jack, that Roger was still was the same old jerk he always was. Then admits she had a boring time to her mother, however, Norma isn't surprised that she didn't listen to her, realizing both her parents never did while growing up. This makes Kevin finally understand why his mother moved so far away in the first place, and also families are the same through the generations, you have to take them for better or for worse.

Writer:Mark B. Perry
Director:Arthur Albert
Original air date:April 28, 1993

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