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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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112. The Little Women

112. The Little Women
Warner Bros. Television
As the Women's Liberation Movement gets stronger across the country in the Spring of 1973, the Jack, Wayne, and Kevin find it hard to be "liberated men" yet. Since Norma doesn't want her college degree to go to waste, she takes a full-time job as a comptroller at Micro Electronics, a start-up computer company, earning $225 per week, much to the surprise of the Arnold men. Meanwhile, Kevin is proud of himself when he did surprisngly well on his SAT's, scoring a 1240 (a 650 in verbal and a 590 in math). However, Kevin becomes extremely insecure when he discovers that Winnie scored a 1482, getting a 725 in verbal and a 757 in math. She can now consider going to any of the top Ivy League universities while Kevin has to settle for Ed's Junior College. With their fragile male egos beaten, Jack and Kevin decide to take their women out to King Pin Lanes and after Norma gets a strike on her first frame, they challenge her and Winnie to a bowling match. Even though Jack and Kevin beat them, Norma and Winnie are good sports about it, making them realize if they want to live in a liberated world, they have a lot to teach these women about being jerks like them.

Writer:David M. Wolf
Director:Ken Topolsky
Original air date:March 31, 1993

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