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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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111. Poker

111. Poker
Warner Bros. Television
When Kevin and the guys get together for a Friday night of poker, each of them confesses their own problems. Chuck is worried about possibly becoming a father after not using protection with Alice; Randy failed his last three trigonometry tests, making him not graduate if he doesn't pass the class; and Jeff is accused of cheating at cards and annoys Paul with his cigar smoke. However, the real problem is with Paul's behavior by annoying everyone with his air freshener and prude remarks. His actions make the guys claim they have no room for Paul in the car or cabin for their spring break ski trip because they consider him a downer. After 17 years of Paul being his best friend, Kevin realizes they've grown apart. While out on a food run, they get into a fight and Paul actually says what Kevin wanted to say, that he's "changed". But just when tensions were growing between the guys, their problems vanish when Randy, always the loser, finally wins a hand. Then Alice calls to tell Chuck she's not pregnant, and Kevin and Paul see the error of their ways. While cleaning up, Kevin discovers Jeff's winning streak was still intact after all--he threw his last hand on purpose--though he questions why his friend had five kings. Guest starring: Barney Martin as Old Kevin, Billy Beck as Old Paul, Walt Beaver as Old Jeff, Bob Larkin as Old Chuck, and Burt Saunders as Old Randy.

Writer:David Kohan & Max Mutchnick
Director:David Greenwalt
Original air date:March 24, 1993

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