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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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110. Eclipse

110. Eclipse
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin and his classmates take a field trip to the Nierman Planetarium to witness the solar eclipse of March 21, 1973. On the way there, Kevin and Winnie have a fight during a Truth or Dare game when he calls her "too perfect" after answering what he would change about her. Chuck's results aren't so great with Alice either and during a pit stop, he accidentally gets locked in a rest area bathroom, and gets left behind by the bus. However, he manages to escape through a window and hitch a ride with a chicken coop truck, but the driver winds up being a maniac, so he jumps out of the moving vehicle and makes it back safely. Meanwhile, the class bad girl, Mary Jo Genaro (A.J. Langer) makes a $25 bet with her friends, Sheila Lackeroo (Devon Odessa) and Cindy (Alicia Bergman) to kiss the fat kid Harlan Abramson (Trenton Teigen) for 30 seconds and has to leave a hickey as proof. She ends up liking him as a person and makes out with him in the bushes. Winnie is so upset at being the nice girl, she throws a spitball at Mr. Plenitzer (Timothy Stack), the science teacher, who then asks her if she saw who threw it. Even though she admits the truth, he doesn't believe her, so she resorts to stealing a hat from the gift shop, making Kevin one up her by doing something equally dangerous. He agrees to help Louis Lanahan (Gregor Hesse), the class pyromaniac by being an accomplice to his scheme of providing a loud bang by flushing a cherry bomb down the toilet during the viewing. But Kevin backs out at the last minute, and when a security guard catches them, he flees while Louis is successful, but is later caught. On the way back, Winnie confesses she actually paid for the souvenir--she's still Kevin's perfect girl after all.

Writer:Stephen Cragg
Director:David Greenwalt
Original air date:March 17, 1993

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