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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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109. Nose

109. Nose
Warner Bros. Television
After Ricky asks Kevin and the guys what's wrong with him and why can't he get a date to the dance, he finally finds a love interest with the new girl, Hayley Green (Renee Humphrey) and asks her to the spring dance. However, even though she is good-looking, the only flaw is her nose and Kevin, Jeff, and Chuck can't help but make fun of the size of it. In English class, their teacher Mr. Arkinson (David Brisbin) tells Hayley to read her paper on something that really bothers her about herself in front of the whole class. Thinking to hit her problem head on, she comically reads how her weakness is shopping because no matter how hard she tries, nothing really matches with her big nose and she's accepted it because she has personality and that's who she is. But her plan backfires and the class winds up laughing at her instead, leaving Ricky embarrassed to take her to the dance. So he backs out by lying about having to take his cousin to the hospital for an operation on her webbed feet. At the dance, Hayley actually shows up, and seeing a second chance to get her back, Kevin encourages Ricky to tell her the truth, but he doesn't. He asks her to dance, but she came with a date, class president and captain of the football team, Brett Davis (Eric Dane), who was so moved by her speech in class, he asked her out. Now Ricky is back to where he started, asking himself, "What does he have, that I don't?" Apparently, Hayley, the girl who simply knew herself and was happy with what she knew, unlike everyone else in school.

Writer:Sy Rosen
Director:David Greenwalt
Original air date:February 24, 1993

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