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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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108. Hulk Arnold

108. Hulk Arnold
Warner Bros. Television
After his P.E. teacher (Jim Zubiena) sees him pin all his classmates in gym class, Kevin is drafted to the wrestling team by Coach Silva (James Tolkan), who's tough work ethic makes him think twice about trying out. Even though Wayne and Jack think he's not committed to be on the team, Kevin sticks with it when Chuck, Jeff, and Winnie encourage him by telling him they'll be at his first match. But when the coach tests him out against the smallest and lightest teammate, Spider (Kristopher Kent Hill), Kevin soon realizes this isn't gym class anymore and isn't as good as he thinks. Then the coach himself challenges Kevin and when he doesn't give up easily, he actually makes the team. Thinking he's just going to sit on the bench, Silva makes a change and Kevin has to wrestle the best in the 140 pound weight class on the Spartans team, Doug Gurney (Matt Blansett), who pinned everybody he's faced. During the match, Kevin quickly score two points, then it was all downhill from there. After Doug whispers in his ear "give up, and make it easy on yourself", he doesn't and his shoulder never touches the mat once, getting by on his natural ability from gym class. Even though he loses 15-2 in front of his friends and father, Kevin tells the coach "Told you I was good!", earning his respect.

Writer:Mark Levin
Director:Thomas Schlamme
Original air date:February 10, 1993

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