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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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107. Unpacking

107. Unpacking
Warner Bros. Television
After Kevin and Winnie see Jeff feeling lonely, they set him up on a date with Ann Sheer (Alisa Scheindlin), the new girl in school. But, Jeff is just homesick about leaving his old hometown and is unable to commit to the relationship with Ann because of his attachment to his long-time girlfriend Julie (Bryn Erin) he left behind. During a double date after playing miniature golf, Jeff even leaves early when Kevin and Winnie ask he and Ann join them at The Point, leaving his date wondering if its something she did. After a fight with Kevin, Jeff finally gets rid of his sarcasm and joking around and gets serious when he asks Kevin, for a ride back to his old hometown. While there, Jeff sees his old girlfriend, Julie at the diner and says goodbye to her one last time. He even gets his old Brooks Robinson baseball glove back when he visits his old house, and two kids playing out front find it for him. Kevin discovers his friend didn't want to go back home, he just wanted to let go of it and have closure of his past memories. When he goes back to school, Jeff doesn't shy away, and is ready to ask Ann out, properly. Jeff realizes his dad is not coming back but he has finally found a new home. Guest starring Bruce Ed Morrow as Kevin and Jeff's chemistry teacher Mr. Clemens and Marine Andrews as Jeff's mother Mrs. Billings.

Writer:Sy Rosen
Director:Nick Marck
Original air date:February 3, 1993

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