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106. Ladies and Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones

106. Ladies and Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones
Warner Bros. Television
A rumor spreads through McKinley High in the winter of '73 that The Rolling Stones are playing at a Joe's Place, a dive bar out on Highway 9 an hour away. Even though Kevin doesn't believe it, he gets talked into taking Winnie, Paul, Jeff, and Chuck miles out of town to try and find the concert's location. After getting a speeding ticket on Vine Street, Kevin tried to hide it but Norma finds the ticket in the wash. Since Jack and Norma have to go square dancing with a furniture buyer, Zeke (O'Neal Compton) and his wife on the same night, Jack forbids Kevin to go, telling him he better not move his car one inch off its oil spot. So Kevin takes Jack's car instead and rounds up everyone for the trip. When they get to Joe's, the parking lot is empty and everybody they asked just answers "the who?". After getting stopped by a cop again, Winnie saves the day by making up an excuse, they wind up on a wild goose chase, searching for clues. They follow the trail to Wally's Inn when they find a crowd gathered outside, but are kicked out by the owner Wally (Tom McCleister), himself. Then in frustration, Kevin backs up into a parked car, and the night ends. He makes it back home before his parents, and thinks of a logical reason for the damaged bumper. But when Zeke runs into it instead, Kevin is relieved he doesn't have to take the blame, and Norma confesses she dented it too. It turns out to be a great evening, plus he learns The Stones did play at Joe's after all--secretly.

Writer:Gina Goldman
Director:David Greenwalt
Original air date:January 20, 1993

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