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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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104. New Years

104. New Years
Warner Bros. Television
Kevin's sees his older brother changing from the bully he grew up with his whole life into a family man with manners. All this because, Wayne and his girlfriend Bonnie are getting serious about their relationship. They plan a family get together at a supper club on New Year's Eve and Wayne wants Kevin and Winnie to be there at his expense. This is much to Kevin's dislike since he had plans to go to a party at Eddie Putnam parent's ski condo in the mountains with Winnie. But on the big night, Wayne never shows up and Kevin has to hear from Bonnie that they split up and she still has feelings for her ex-husband James, who is the father of her baby, David. Kevin and Winnie go out searching for Wayne and eventually finds him doing his laundry at the laundromat. But at midnight, they all get to watch the ball drop on TV, marking the end of 1972 and a new beginning for them in 1973. Guest Starring: Lou Cutell as the comic and Richard Diamond as the Zanic the Magnificent (magician).

Writer:Craig Hoffman
Director:Thomas Schlamme
Original air date:January 6, 1993

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