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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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101. Kevin Delivers

101. Kevin Delivers
Warner Bros. Television
With his two-nights a week Chinese food delivery job at Mr. Chong's Restaurant, Kevin has difficulty making it back on time for his date with Winnie. Out on the road, every night had its pitfalls and perils, from encounters with the Fioni's Pizza guy (Adam Stradlin), and a yapping dog, to menacing houses, especially at 105 Elm Street, home of Mrs. Fanny Tambora (Ellen Albertini Dow), a lonely old lady, who always wants Kevin to stay and pet Clarence, her cat. He also has a strange incident delivering to a funeral home to Mr. Kramer, who's deceased--the ultimate practical joke from the pizza guy still sore after Kevin letting him get caught by the cops for drag racing. But just when his night takes a turn for the good--a hippie stoner (Zachary Mott) gives him $30 for food--it takes a turn for the worst when he has to spend it all on getting his car out of an impound lot after getting it towed. Then Winnie breaks their date, but Kevin decides to go out on a high note when he pranks the pizza guy into delivering to Mrs. Tambora. Then Mr. Chong (Michael Paul Chan) informs Kevin, about one last delivery at 216 Maple, and to his surprise it was ordered by Winnie who shows up for a late dinner date on a park bench.

Writer:Gina Goldman
Director:Bryan Gordon
Original air date:November 25, 1992

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