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The Wonder Years - Season 6

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100. Wayne and Bonnie

100. Wayne and Bonnie
Warner Bros. Television
Wayne begins dating Bonnie Douglas (Paula Marshall), an older woman he met at work. Over dinner, the family finds out she is divorced and has a 6 month old son named David. Norma invites them to the NORCOM family picnic and learns that Wayne is serious about their relationship, so much so, he decides to move in with Bonnie and help her take care of David. Meanwhile, still distraught over Winnie not being in his life, Kevin tries to get her back by buying a gift. But when he goes to her house with a huge teddy bear, Winnie has a study date with classmate Phil (Bret Anthony). Seeing them at the diner together, Kevin feels lonely and meets a new girl named Cindy Fleming (Heather Allen), who just moved into town. He invites her to the picnic only to find out her immature behavior is due to the fact she's only in 7th grade and winds up giving her the big bear in his trunk. With all this stuff happening to his family, Kevin needs someone to talk about it with, so he turns to Winnie, who in return, helps him because she still loves him and love is what brings them back together.

Writer:Mark Levin
Director:Greg Beeman
Original air date:November 11, 1992

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