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The Wonder Years - Season 2

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10. Steady as She Goes

10. Steady as She Goes
Warner Bros. Television
Rumors spread that Winnie and Kirk are going to break up, but later Kevin sees Kirk holding up a sign: "I am sorry, Winnie." Kevin gets frustrated with being alone, and ends up asking Becky Slater (Crystal McKellar) out in order to make Winnie jealous. Paul starts dating Carla Healey (Krista Murphy).

Writer:David M. Stern
Director:Steve Miner
Original air date:January 11, 1989

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Mitesh says:
Aloha means love, hello, goodbye, wartmh, kindness and nothing like what Aloha is putting out there. Why such anger and hate Aloha? It's pretty funny that when someone calls it like it really is how people can't handle the truth. What's sad is that photos like this are what is called great . Really? Sherm himself knows they are not great. They are average at best. Why did Kelly himself grab Todd Glaser's camera to shoot himself and not Sherms? Absolutely amazing that guys like Hornbaker and Brewer can't get paid a dime and someone that doesn't even shoot action gets paid to shoot shit like this. Where's the action? None. Just hanging out by Kelly and shooting his every move in the competitors area. Hardly great when what he did was win his 50th World Tour contest which took place in the water. On waves. Not on scaffolding.
February 10, 2016 at 9:57 PMFlag as spam

seth says:
becky slater is a very cute girl.
May 13, 2014 at 8:13 AMFlag as spam

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