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Crumbs (Fred Savage)

After lots of years have passed, Fred Savage, known as Kevin in "The Wonder Years" is back on TV. "Crumbs" is the name of the brand-new sitcom which first aired on January 12. And here's what it's all about:

Family is enough to get one nearly crazy. Kids have secrets to not anger their parents, fathers elope with other women und mothers try to knock down fathers with cars. This had been the moment, when the Crumbs started to doubt mothers sanity. The alienated brothers Mitch (Fred Savage) and Jody Crumb meet again in their hometwon to care about their mother Suzanne, who had been released recently out of psychiatry and still doesn't know that her former husband and his new girlfriend are going to have a child. Obviously, the issues seem problematic so far.
Crumbs (Fred Savage)

A fact the family doesn't know already is, that Mitch is homosexual and doesn't dare to admit it. But he can't keep it a secret for a long time... The focus clearly is in the dynamics between the two brothers. Mitch is the dissipative son who came back home after an abortive career in Hollywood, while his older brother Jody never left his homeland New England where he cared for the family enterprise. Now, when they first meet as adults, they try to keep the family together, despite the quite astable relationships to each other.


Fred Savage - Mitch
Jane Curtin - Suzanne
Eddie McClintock - Jack Crumb
William Devane - Billy
Maggie Lawson - Andrea Crumb
Reginald Ballard Elvis

A few pictures of the pilot episode:
Crumbs (Fred Savage) Crumbs (Fred Savage) Crumbs (Fred Savage) Crumbs (Fred Savage) Crumbs (Fred Savage)

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